Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why I Moved to the Country: Reason #16

Putting these to work...
like so...
to make this.
 Maple Syrup

Worth it's weight in gold.

And if the Artist was compiling this list, it would be in the top ten number one.

 Of course, letting him tap our sugar maples is sort of making an enabler out of me. You see he has a thing about pancakes and maple syrup. He makes a nice crepe-like 'thin' pancake, a family recipe that he would eat daily if I would just oblige. He's addicted to pancakes. Addicted, I say. Seriously. Addicted.

I've ate more pancakes since we've been together than I had in my entire lifetime before.

Did you know that maple syrup has trace amounts of many vitamins and minerals and is considered a good source of three essential elements - calcium, iron and thiamin? I am reminded of this daily.

The Artist calls maple syrup nature's perfect food.

We may have to go head to head on this one before year's end.

Now that I'm a bee girl.

Maple syrup vs Honey.

This could get interesting.

Be well friends,


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

What time will the pancakes be ready in the morning? I will stop by. Yummo!

Unknown said...

Oh, the war of sweets! Interesting. But I like both, so it would be hard to choose a side. After those sour cream pancakes I tried last week, I might have to join the pancake club! What a blessing to have those trees!

city hen said...

MMM...all that hard work to make it is why it is SOOO expensive. Here in Poland you would have to miss you rent payment to get it! ;) I am with the artist though, nothing says breakfast like pancakes!
Love ya!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oh yeah, I see a new blog coming by the Artist!
This is really interesting to me! I have always been amazed at collecting syrup. Will you show us the whole process? But, cause you know, I need to know!
xo, misha

ain't for city gals said...

Oh my..maple syrup versus would you choose?? We (not us but someone) have this wonderful honey in Az called cat claw...taken from the desert...I would send you a small jar if you like...I saw your comment on Tales of a Coop Keeper on the MUST go get it ASAP...please...your hubby will love it after a while...

Unknown said...

We'll be right over for your pancakes and maple syrup since we have March Break! {hehehe} We actually like and use both maple syrup and honey. Both for pancakes and baking. Home baked beans with some maple syrup is perfect however.

There is a real beauty in the sight and tradition of maple syrup gathering. Enjoy your experience!

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

We've been tapping too! What I want is honey, my own honey. Got to learn how.
Great photos. Is the recipe a secret family or can you share???

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Our kids would eat pancakes daily if I'd let them...and not just for breakfast. "Breakfast for Dinner" is a big request! Would love to see more...just how difficult is the process? Hmmm, I see a new interest here.

Debbie said...

Oh mommy! I use maple syrup in my granola bars, it makes all the difference. And on pancakes, well you will never go back to Mrs. Butterworths that is for sure.

Jackie said...

I'm with the artist...maple syrup is so yummy. And if it's good for you...then you should eat if every single day. LOL!

How neat that you get to do this. Another great reason to live in the country.