Saturday, November 5, 2011

Did you steal my sunshine?

I've had to come to terms with a couple of things this week. 
I'm going to share them with you, well, because I can finally share something
...anything....with you, more on that later.

First, leaves are my friends. 

They provide shade during those dog days of summer, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, 
they're very pretty, especially in October, and they cocoon this old farmhouse
turning it into a green and lush oasis 
amid fields of corn (and every seven years soy bean). 
Then November rolls around and they leave me.
Every stinking last one bids me adieu without so much as a glance over their shoulder.  
I've never took issue with this before now, I figured they deserved their rest 
and their replacements step up to the plate without issue each spring.
We know all that but this year, however, they took on a new job 
and I would prefer they remained at their post for eternity
or as long as I'm around, whichever comes last. 

Since that's not going to happen, and I have to share my view with Sunny and Ray,
I decided that perhaps it's not so bad after all. 
There is plenty of sky for both of us to share in this two horse town. 

My other epiphany? 

Blogger is not perfect. Gasp! Insightful, aren't I?

Despite numerous attempts on various browsers, on a multitude of different computers 
and in various cities, (yes, really) I was not able to upload a single photo into Blogger.

All week. 

It was like having your view of the world more than slightly askew.
Sort of like a big giant rectangle smack dab in your view of the western sky!
I'm exploring my options but in the meantime, I'm just happy to be back.
And more than a little grateful to have a view at all. 

~Be well friends!~


Lynne said...

I sure do enjoy your dark silouette homestead, orange sky, leafless trees. . . yet even more your writing . . .

Epiphany . . . nothing is perfect is it . . . what was up with blogger???

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Funny how we become attached to our blogs, eh? :)

Your world is beautiful!

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

The dark buildings and trees against the colorful sky are really so nice...glad Blogger let you post them! And while I miss the early sunshine and longer days, I do like that the change of seasons gives me the opportunity to light more candles and build more's just a cozy, settle-in-from-all-the-summertime-work sort of feeling. And your leaves...make a big pile today and jump in 'em with the kids and hubby!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Just beautiful! Live Writer is the only way for me, however it's not perfect either! -Tammy

Buttons Thoughts said...

I love those gorgeous photos. I was wondering where you went.
I am happy you are able to share now. B

Deb said...

Well, that's just weird that you couldn't put any pictures up. Strange things have been happening on Blogger.

deb duty said...

The colors of the sky are gorgeous! I haven't had any trouble this week until last night when I was trying to upload my weekly collage. I tried again and again and it wouldn't upload until I switched to the new interface. Then it seemed to work fine. Hope you don't have any more troubles with it!

Saun said...

Gorgeous skies. I had trouble last night for some reason it keeps flipping one of my pics not sure why. Tried a couple of things it didn't help. So it may just have to stay that way. Glad your back on :)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Leaves....I also wish they would stay.

Unknown said...

What gorgeous silhouettes! Your experience with Blogger makes me shiver - we are at it's mercy!!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I feel the same way about those leaves. I wait and wait, and wait..
All YEAR long! And just when they are at their peak-swoosh, they are gone!

Have you tried using the Chrome browser? Since I switched no problems....knock on wood...
Since Chrome and Blogger are both owned by Google it makes sense to use the two together.
Just a thought from a wanna-be techno geek. Ha!

Did you know they trying to bring back Mary Engelbreit? Hooray!
xo, misha