Thursday, December 8, 2011

This or That Thursday: eDition 11 vanBuskirk

Just beyond the fields behind the old farmhouse lies this majestic looking field. 
Only it's not just any old field. It's a nature sanctuary in it's infancy.
I can't begin to tell you how wonderful this is. It really is just around the corner
and for hopefully many summers to come this place will become an amusement park for my bees.
Happy bees, happy beekeeper. 
In case you're wondering how a sanctuary is created, here's the skinny.
(Click on the photo to enlarge and if  you're like me, actually be able to read all about it.)
This is a quaint little church I pass each day, not far from the sanctuary.
That's all.
It's cute, I adore it and so here it is.

 It's December 8th and we have yet to turn on our furnace. 
This makes me just about as happy as having a personal playground for my bees. 
Grant you, it's been a mild fall but things are quickly changing. 
We had our first layer of ice on the pond over the weekend. 
Despite the warmer weather, we're right on schedule and we
should be curling and skating on the pond by Christmas. 
Unless it rains.
Of course, Twinkle Toes wasn't entirely convinced the deal was all that. 
I might or might not have convinced her it was all good. 
I might or might not have been painting at the time.

~Be well friends~

and then, she {snapped}

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tiarastantrums said...

oh we have had our furnace cranking for weeks now!!

Unknown said...

love your photos! newest follower from hop.

Deb said...

I love that little church. You live in a wonderful area for a photographer.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Little churches are just calling for photographers to capture them. It's cold here in California and we've run our heat a lot. But we don't have much insulation either....and of course we are big babies about being cold:-)

Unknown said...

Your shots make me chilly but they are all so lovely. Love the clouds in the first one and the whole setting in the last.

deb duty said...

You are lucky to live in such a beautiful area. Your photos are gorgeous! I love the ones of the church and your cat. The field is lovely and so interesting. It will be fun to watch it grow and change.

Unknown said...

love these! :c)

Desirae R said...

I really love the colors in the first picture.

Seeing Each Day said...

It's easy to ascertain how much you love where you live when you write about it. It's Summer during our Christmas time so the thought of a lake iced over at Christmas seems magical to me. (even though i'm sure that kind of weather brings along lots of difficulties too).

Betty Manousos said...

stunning photos!
it's really hard to pick a favourite!

what a great place!

Unknown said...

Love the photo of the church.
And the clouds and dark feel of the initial photo is both alluring and ominous.

Shanda said...

Love your photos, especially the church, I'm your newest follower and hope you will stop by my blog sometime. I also have a weekend photo hop called In Search of Beauty. I'd love to have you link up sometime.

Gardener in the Distance said...

That field, just beyond your door, Andrea, what a sense of space it must give you - space, and good health.

barefoot mama said...

All of your photos are so lovely! You have such a gift. ~ B

Laura Jeanne said...

That church is indeed cute. I love seeing tiny old churches out in the country--I can imagine that at one time, they would have been the home of such a tight little community. Sadly, very few of them are still in use.

One time when we were in Elora, Ontario, we saw an old stone church which was being occupied by a very scruffy, odd character--a squatter, I think. I wished I could have gone inside and seen how this man had turned this gorgeous old building into a home of sorts.

Certainly, those old churches were built to last!