Friday, August 31, 2012

{this moment} - Summer

Rather than share a moment from this past week,
I've decided to share a snippet of my summer.
And I won't remain wordless either,
I've been quiet all summer.
It's been a beautiful summer, despite those dog days of July
and the scarcity of rain, although we did receive more than most.
And while we were busy with tending to the out of doors around
our old farmhouse, we also took time this summer to just be.
We took off camping for a few days, the first time since moving here.
We read, we swam (thanks neighbours!) and we went to the beach.
 We didn't pick strawberries and the chickens ate most of our own,
we didn't make jam and we didn't put pies away in the deep freeze.
I have nary a regret. The Twins are getting older,
 full fledged teenagers are in the house, two I say, two!
And as the nights dip down, the sun begins to forsake us,
and the routine of school begins to shape our lives again,
spending time together as a family is what I want
to pause, savour and remember.
~Be well friends~


Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I didn't do anything strenuous this summer either- just sat back and enjoyed when it was nice and waiting patiently for fall to show up.

momto5 said...

lovely. well said, sometimes the moments need words too. it sounds like you had a wonderful summer. just being is always good.
here is our moment:

stephanie from texas said...

Beautifully written. Time well spent.
Here is our moment...

Unknown said...

Just lovely! Here is our moment

Lynne said...

I sure like your look and feel . . . Very nice.

Were your ears ringing yesterday . . . I thought of you. I went to a certified organic farm . . . more from me on that soon.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh you certainly have your priorities straight the twins are getting to an age where you will want to savour those moments together the rest will wait for now. No regrets I think you are a very wise Mom. Take care and welcome back. B

Twisted Cinderella said...

Such a lovely pic!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

You did summer the right way. Have no regrets about not blogging it. It's all there. Right in your mind's eye :)
xo, misha

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely to me...