Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long Weekending

The last weekend of summer.

Rather than dwell on what has been, I prefer to look ahead.

We had three days to kick off harvest season and we started by making some old fashioned ketchup. It was a success....not just taste wise but also, after three lacklustre years, we finally have a great tomato harvest from our own garden. No blight, no severe drought conditions, no muskrat invasion. So good in fact, that all we have to be careful of is beating a posse of gangly, rambunctious roosters to the promised fruit. Luckily, they prefer beefsteak over roma. security will have to be rethought over the coming winter.

Here's to the days of work ahead, and gratitude for the season past.

And here's hoping your weekend, whether it was short or long in your part of the world, was just as lovely.

~Be well friends!

PS. I'm joining Down Home Blog Hop today.


Tilly's Nest said...

Your photos are fantastic and I am so happy to hear about your garden's success! It is so wonderful to reap the rewards of our hard work. Thank you so much for linking up today to our blog hop! We are so happy you did. ~Melissa

V.L. Locey said...

Great images as always!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh this looks delicious I hope your chickens leave things alone:) I had a nice Long Weekend and looking forward to Fall. Rain rain and beautiful rain falling it makes me happy. I guess it is to late to plant tomatoes now:)
Take care B

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Love those long weekends...ours was filled with much-needed rain. Tomatoes overflowing here as well...ours went into spaghetti sauce. I'll have to try ketchup...thanks for the terrific idea! -Mary

Michelle said...

I enjoyed our long weekend as well. Full of rain, but much got accomplished!

Lynne said...

Love your new look and the first photo is my kind thing.

Love, love the green and differences in pine, leaf.

Framing it like you did and looking out, upward through the sky.

Very, very nice!

vintage grey said...

So beautiful!! Ember is always so cute in her photos! ;) xo Heather

Stevie Taylor said...

Ketchup looks great! I am using up the tomatoes in salsa and pasta sauce as they are the stage now where we have to cut out bruises and bad spots. But we're determined to use them until the first frost. The chickens are getting all the cherry tomatoes at this point, though. At least they're still good for making eggs!

Krystle said...

Homemade ketchup looks fantastic! What exactly goes in it and how long does it last? I'm really keen to cut some of the sugar out of our diet and sauces seem like a good start.

Take care :)