Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Sweetest Thing


From the top:

honey extracting station
bee propolis
Bill the bee mentor
an extremely hard worker
the sweet stuff

With my second opportunity to harvest honey now completed, I can't imagine ever experiencing another fall without the bright orange glow of the sun setting earlier each night, the crisp fall air tickling my lungs and the unique and heady scent of honey and wax being separated. It was a respectable harvest, thanks only to my generous bee mentor, Bill, who wanting to see this inexperienced beekeeper stay in the game after losing both of her hives, gave me two of his splits this spring. 

While my new colonies thrived in their temporary home, I'm looking forward to next summer and having these lovely ladies dance among the dandelions, calypso through the clover and jitterbug amid the goldenrod. Oddly enough, the farm seemed emptier this year with out bees working the land. Their presence is felt here every bit as much as the chickens or ducks and, most importantly, in my heart. It's official. I'm hooked on raising bees. 


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Sandra said...

We visited a bee farm this year, it was very interesting seeing how they gather the honey and the process it goes through. The gentleman was very passionate about his bees :)
Great tasting honey too!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Hooked on raising bees sounds like a perfect addiction. Oh that looks so good. I just bought some from a local bee person but I think if I lived closer I would be knocking on your door:)Hug B

Lynne said...

Sounds like, looks like, a perfect addiction . . . the fragrance alone would have me hooked!

Nicki said...

It sounds romantic and of course, sweet! Lovely jars of golden splendor.

Lisa Lynn said...


Renegades said...

The older gentleman that lived close to my work used to raise bees and sell honey. He's passed away but the multitude of flowers he planted for the bees is still a tribute of his hard work.

Judy said...

I can understand about being hooked. I know if and when we do get bees we are going to love it.

Candy C. said...

I love bees and even though we only have wild ones, I plant to encourage them to hang out. The honey is beautiful!! :)

Unknown said...

Very cool. This is something I've considered myself- is it costly to get started? And does climate matter? I'm in NE Minnesota where we we see winter nearly 8 months out of the year and reach temps around -30 regularly in the heart of winter.

Anyways, your photos are stunning. Thanks so much for sharing :)

Yellow Birch Hobby Farm

(visiting via the Homestead Barn Hop)

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

Lovely photos and post! :)