Friday, November 1, 2013

I Wish I had Duck Feet

I've been reading about home artisan bread making using the slow fermentation method and my first attempt was the bagel recipe found in this book. If the rest of the recipes turn out as well as the bagels, we're in for some fine fireside eats in the old farmhouse kitchen this winter.
We store our cast iron pans in the oven when it's not in use. I pulled one out last night to make myself an omelet and spotted what at first glimpse appeared to be crumbs in the pan. Upon closer inspection, I realized that crumbs they certainly were not, but rather mouse droppings. Sure glad I noticed them before I made the omelet. Hmm, I wonder if this could explain troubles I've been having with the oven thermostat. And furthermore,  I thought cats were supposed to keep uninvited guests out? For the briefest of moments I considered letting the cats inspect inside the know....just to leave their scent but then the right side of my brain kicked in and I realized perhaps that wouldn't be the wisest thing to teach them, so we set traps instead.
My parents arrived home from Europe on Monday evening and after a delayed flight, they ended up spending the night with us. It was nice to talk to my mom face to face after two months of emailing. Secretly the male twin and I hoped they'd be stuck with us for another night, just so we could visit more.
I don't think it's a secret around these parts that we prefer to buy local whenever possible and that includes beer.  The Artist and I took some friends from out of town on a local brewery tour. We kept our sampling within the '100 mile diet' radius and enjoyed supporting some new craft breweries that are popping up everywhere in Ontario.
October was a record month for egg production in the Rural Roost. Our spring chicks turned out to be an all female crew and are now laying in full force, including lovely green eggs from our two Ameraucana. We've had some yellow-greenish tinged eggs, usually one on the coop floor each morning. At first I thought it was the Cochin, later I suspected one of the Ameraucana was a half breed. However, when I did get around to making that omelet, I cracked one open to discover the egg white was completely clear and that's when it finally hit me; they're duck eggs. And you know what? They're delicious!

~Happy Friday Friends!

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Nancy said...

My bantams seem to have shut down for the winter, but the rocks are still going strong! :)

Hootin Anni said...

Wow...what a post!! Such interesting thoughts and life's happenings. I really, REALLY enjoyed reading these. Your life is full. By the way, a young farm girl myself, I loved collecting eggs and having them, fresh, for breakfast.

Mouse turds?!!! Oh, oh.

Judy said...

Oh I can't wait to have eggs again. Our neighbor back in Illinois kept telling us if we found eggs from his ducks in our yard (they came over almost every day) that we should eat them that they were wonderful. I hesitated to do that because I never knew how long those eggs were in our yard. I wasn't up for opening a rotten egg :)

Lynne said...

You got grit girl . . . mouse droppings in the oven would have put in on the top floor of the first hotel!

Although . . . if you were telling me about the droppings in the middle of the brew trip . . . I might have tolerated it better.

I have been hooked on Asiago bagels of late . . . I am happy the bagel shop is far enough away so as to not make it a daily habit!

Face to face visits are so much better . . . and with your mom . . . perfect . . .

Enjoy a ducky November Andrea . . .

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Andrea I am so happy your parents are home and if all that rain had of been snow they would have stayed with you a week or more:)

I have been buying local beer from your parts and experimenting with Beer Bread it is fun and tasty so far only one fails.
Mice yup nasty little stove dwellers
Yeah for the eggs we used to only eat duck eggs when I was a kid..
LOVE your photos. Have to get together sometime and go shooting for real this time:) Hug B

Lynn Blaylock said...

Making bread isn't only good to eat it's like therapy; it's good for the soul. What a nice tour around your part of the country.

Jessica said...

Wow, sounds like some good eats around there! :) And local beer is the best. Great photos, too.

tiarastantrums said...

oh I want chickens!!

Karen said...

Oh that beer sampler looks good!

TexWisGirl said...

glad your folks made it back safe and sound! good luck w/ the mousies. tis that time of year when they invade the indoors.

Rose said...

I had a lot to comment on, but now cannot go back and look while will say I did enjoy your words.

I never have mice when I have cats...but the few times I have been without cats, I have gotten a couple each fall.

diane said...

I so enjoyed visiting and reading your post.
Hope the mice go away :-/

Have a lovely weekend!

Tanya Breese said...

i enjoyed reading your 5 and the photos!!

Dan said...

Its been a long time since I dropped by. Your pics are wonderful and I like to support locally too. In our case we're surrounded by winery's.

I have some mouse traps cuz I love trapping. Anyone want mouse fur? lol

Lisa Lynn said...

Sounds like fun! Except for the mouse droppings. Unfortunately, we've had our share of those the last couple of days. :P

My husband wants to come visit...he loves a craft brewed beer! He used to make his own, but switched to wine. Said it was easier. :)

Sounds like you had a great time visiting with friends and family!

Candy C. said...

The local brewery tour sounds like fun and I LOVE the mason jar lights! :)
Good luck with the mousies, tell those cats they better start doing a better job!

Nicki said...

Start checking pans first [check] - also keep my iron skillet in the oven.
I tend to sniff the milk jug regularly now after taking a swig of soured milk - only takes once to get that habit down pat. As for the hens and colored eggs - err, I'm thinking I'll stick to 'the less I know, the happier I am".

Michelle said...

With cold weather arriving, we have had a mouse in our old farmhouse as well. Gotta love country life! BTW...that beer looks excellent!