Monday, November 4, 2013


On these chilly November afternoons, when the sky is about to fall so daringly early, a stroll about the yard with a camera strapped around my neck, is preceded by a visit to the Rural Roost, where if I'm lucky, a little lady is warming up a couple of eggs for me. One in each pocket, Mother Nature's hand warmers will keep my fingers pliable enough to operate the camera until the last drop of light has left the scene.

Of course, this is all based on the premise that one hasn't broken in my pocket, as of yet. 

I could change my mind completely on this novel idea of mine, should that ever happen.

You'll be the first to know.

Well, maybe not the first, anyone tried to get egg off of a keyboard?


Jessica said...

Sounds lovely, especially with how cold it has been the past couple of days. I hope they stay in one piece for you! My 4-year-old loves to gather eggs from our friend's coop, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed that he's never cracked one... knock on wood. :)

TexWisGirl said...

lol! cute. :)

Ashling said...

I love the feel of eggs still warm from the hens...sweetly comforting!

Candy C. said...

Those are some of my favorite hand warmers too! :)

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Pioneers used baked potatoes to keep warm, why not eggs on the walk back from the coop? Broken in the pocket...yep, had that happen! And Sunday, I put one on the seat of the truck, just to save time as I went to something else. Later, I hopped in the truck (Sunday clothes and all) and then remembered as I felt something...soooo lucky it didn't break! It's all a part of the fun!